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Meet Chris Wilson, a freelance travel writer and blogger with over two decades of experience in the travel industry. Chris has published hundreds of articles on various travel-focused websites, specialising in European cities - with a lean towards historical and cultural experiences.

Chris offers good advice on alternative ways to explore and experience a city's main attractions. Although he's not an adventurous foodie, he does enjoy discovering traditional eateries and sampling local alcoholic specialities and the traditions that sometimes accompany them.

Check out Chris's top ten city break (stay-safe-enjoy) travel tips below. Some tips may seem obvious - but can sometimes be overlooked - enjoy and travel safe.

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  • Research public transport options before arriving.
  • Buy an official tourist/visitor card that includes both travel on public transport & entry to main attractions.
  • Give advanced notice of your travels to your bank & credit card company.
  • Never travel without travel insurance, especially medical emergency cover.
  • Learn 10 local language phrases - and use them.
  • Try not to look lost outside a train station.
  • Work out what time you need to be at the airport - then add 1 hour.
  • Use a money belt to keep cards, cash and passports safe, especially when travelling around inner cities.
  • Never charge anything to your hotel room - always pay as you go.
  • Plan ahead what you're going to see & do - it'll save you time and help you enjoy.
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