Menorca's Best Locations Reviewed

Menorca - Top 4 West Coast Holiday Resorts

In this article, we review Menorca's top 4 West Coast resorts - we provide a flavour of each one, including their suitability for different holiday types. We hope our review helps when selecting your next holiday adventure.

Holiday Beach

The most popular West Coast Holiday Resorts in Menorca.

Introduction: To the west of Ciutadella (the original capital city) lies the popular family beach resorts of Cala’n Blanes, Cala’n Forcat and Los Delfines. These three West Coast resorts almost merge to form one popular (got-it-all) holiday destination - and together provide a trio of lovely (but smallish) beaches, along with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to satisfy most tastes.

Resort List:

  • 01 Cala Blanca
  • 02 Cala’n Blanes
  • 03 Cala’n Forcat
  • 04 Los Delfines

If you prefer the convenience and closeness of neighbouring resorts - and you also like being close to the buzz of an ancient cosmopolitan city - then resorts 2 through 4 provide the perfect base for an exciting holiday adventure.

1. Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is a relatively new purpose-built resort, quiet but contemporary and designed with holidaymakers in mind. The resort is located on the island's lower west coast and is a perfect choice for families looking for a relaxing holiday with access to modern resort facilities. Cala Blanca has an ideal location and is known for its spectacular scenery, beautiful sunsets and family-friendly beach.

The beach at Cala Blanca is on the small side and sits at the end of a long rocky cove with lovely fine white sands and calm, shallow waters that are perfect for children and snorkelling. The beach has the usual sun loungers and umbrellas for hire, and there are bars nearby to help keep you hydrated. The bay area is particularly scenic and is protected by low cliffs and fringed by pine trees, there's also a marked walking trail to take you to neighbouring sandy coves and towns.

There's a good selection of modern hotels and apartments to choose from, such as the large and family-friendly Hotel Globales Mediterrani, which sits in a prime location close to the beach. The usual resort facilities are available, including a local supermarket (a larger and less expensive one can be found in nearby Santandrias) with a good mix of smaller shops scattered throughout the resort and a convenient pedestrianised shopping area in the town centre.

You'll find plenty of inviting restaurants and bars, including convenient family-friendly restaurants (with English menus) positioned along the lido providing easy access to and from the beach - some restaurants have child facilities such as waterslides to help entertain the kids. For a change of scenery, head to a lovely sandy cove and town called Playa Cala Santandria (just a 20-minute stroll away) - the cove is great for exploring with kids, or if you fancy a quiet break from the crowds on Cala Blanca beach in high season.

Cala Blanca is only 5 kilometres from Ciutadella, the old capital city of Menorca. A day trip to the city is highly recommended, especially for its fascinating history, international shopping, great tapas and vibrant atmosphere. There's a great buzz at night too, with Ciutadella's bars and cafes open till late.

Top Tips:
(1). A convenient bus route connects Cala Blanca to Ciutadella, the public bus routes 64 & 66 are operated by the Torres Coach Company and connects several towns and villages on the west coast, including Port Son, Blanc Sa Caleta and Santandria.
(2). If you want a rest from the beach there are plenty of relaxing low-cliff walks around the resort, or you can hire a bike and cycle the route down to Cala’n Bosch or head north to the fascinating city of Ciutadella.

2. Cala’n Blanes

Cala’n Blanes is a smallish resort located in Menorca's North West region. The resort shares the same coastline as its popular neighbours Cala’n Forcat and Los Delfines. The resort caters well for all holiday types, including families and couples and offers a good selection of quality hotels and self catering apartments.

The Beach: Cala’n Blanes is a modern hub of activity, it has a smallish family-friendly beach, with calm and shallow waters. There are a couple of handy beachside Cafes and Bars to keep you hydrated and nourished plus a pirate ship play area to keep the kids entertained. Top Tip: In mid-summer the beach can become crowded, however there are several cosy rocky coves nearby - some coves are accessible via purpose-built steps and provide good swimming access. These pretty coves are great picnic spots - they also provide shade beneath pine trees and a relaxing retreat from the midday sun.

If you're visiting in high season and you want to relax on a less crowded beach or just prefer a change of scenery, check out the beaches of Sa Caleta, Cala Blanca or Cala en Bosch to the south (between 20-60 min's away by road depending on the beach).

Entertainment and Shopping: There's plenty of entertainment available in Cala’n Blanes and in nearby neighbouring resorts. Easts wise there's a reasonable selection of restaurants dotted along the Avinguda Los Delfines (a road stretching from Cala’n Forcat beach to Platja Cala en Blanes). Restaurants include traditional Spanish Tapas, with Chinese, English and Mexican cuisine available. Holiday shopping for supermarkets, souvenirs, inflatables, clothing etc, is concentrated in nearby Los Delfines, within walking distance of Cala’n Blanes.

Resort Activities: The resort has a (relaxed) outdoorsy feel and is good for snorkelling and diving. There's plenty of watersports on offer, including paddle boards and kayaking, plus an Aqua Center (water park) in nearby Los Delfines. Menorca is well known for its walking trails and cycling routes and there are a couple of scenic trails nearby. There's a scenic coastal path from Cala’n Blanes to the historic port city of Ciutadella, with its pedestrianised old town, magnificent Gothic cathedral, ancient cobbled streets and plenty of designer boutiques to admire - at just a leisurely 5o minute walk away.

There are several pony trekking centres on the island and plenty of ancient inland bridleways to discover, including the Cami de Cavalls trail, a 200km historic route that circles the island (popular for hiking, horse riding and cycling) there are also equestrian trails and coastal treks to some beaches. Son Angel is the local pony trekking centre for Cala'n Blanes.

Public Transport: The Torres Coach Company operates a regular return bus service (ROUTE 61) from – Citadella to Cala'n Blanes, Los Delfines, Cala'n Forcat and Calas Picas. There's also a bus service running south from Citadella that serves most of the main beach resorts and towns on the west coast.

3. Cala’n Forcat

Cala'n Forcat is one of Minorca's favourite west coast resorts, it caters well for families and couples looking for relaxing beach breaks and varied (easy-to-get-to) entertainment.

Beach & Coves: For relaxing, there are plenty of sandy coves to explore, plus a small main beach with calm turquoise waters, perfect for dipping and snorkeling. The beach and cove are fenced by pine trees and rocky ridges, which are great for exploring or relaxing when the beach gets busy. If you fancy a change of scenery Platja Cala en Blanes beach is slightly larger and is only 15-20 minute walk away, there's also a public bus service running between the resorts. Top Tip: There are plenty of stunning unspoilt beaches around the west coast, so hire a car and go on an adventure to find your perfect spot to relax.

Entertainment: For entertainment, Cala'n Forcat has plenty of restaurants and bars. You will find a mix of small traditional tapas bars and traditional family-owned restaurants - serving up local specialities plus plenty of restaurants serving English dishes, with most restaurants catering well for young families (with a good selection of children's menus plus play areas to keep them occupied).

You won't find Ibiza-style super clubs or Mallorca's party vibe in Cala'n Forcat, but there's plenty of nightlife for all ages. You'll find a good selection of cosy bars, karaoke venues and tapas bars serving local beers where you can enjoy dining and dancing long after dark, you'll also find a few English-style pubs providing a buzz into the small hours.

Family Attractions: Nearby, you have the Aqua Center (waterpark) in Calan Blanes - slides include the Kamikaze, Black Hole and the Giant Water Slide. There's also the Castillo Menorca amusement park just 20 mins drive away, Castillo features a large garden and playground with zip-lines, mini golf and a swimming pool there's a restaurant, a gift/souvenir shop and an impressive go-kart track.


June is a great time to visit Minorca - just before the crowds and mid-summer heat arrives. Late June is festival time when the spectacular Sant Joan festival takes place in Ciutadella. The 3-day event dates back to the beginning of the 14th century and includes the parading of 100 elegant black horses through the streets - the horses rear up on their hind legs as a symbol of power and nobility (traditionally, some try to 'touch the horses' for good luck as it rears in front of them), on the last day there's a spectacular firework display.

  • Catalan is the spoken language of Menorca. If possible, make the effort to speak a few words! - Bon dia is Good Morning, Bones tardes is Good Afternoon and Bona nit is Good night. Catalan is a descendant of Latin, mixed with Castilian and French.
  • The name Menorca dates back to 123 BC when the Romans arrived and called the island 'Minorca', or little one, as opposed to 'Majorca', the big one.
  • Visit the highest point on Minorca at El Toro (350m above sea level). Located in the centre of the island, El Toro has spectacular 360-degree views from its summit, you can drive or walk to the top.
  • A great way to discover Menorca's west coast is to hire a car, especially if you plan to visit the island's holiday resorts, and the larger beaches to the south. Top Tip: Remember these important road signs: (Calzada estrecha - Narrow road) (Curva peligrosa - Dangerous bend) (Ceda el paso - Give way) (Despacio - Slow) (Alto - Stop).
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4. Los Delfines

Los Delfines sits just north of Cala’n Forcat. Here you'll find a good selection of supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants serving the trio of resorts that populate this section of the coast. A regular bus service connects Los Delfines with Cala’n Forcat and Cala’n Blanes, the L61 line takes you through to the ancient port city of Ciutadella in just 20 minutes.

Los Delfines is compact and easily explored on foot, you'll find a good selection of apartments and private villas to suit most tastes, with easy access to a good mix of restaurants and bars along the main street, Avinguda Los Delfines.