What are London's top 16 Free Visitor Attractions?

National History Museum London Skyline
St Pauls Cathedral

16 Free Visitor Attractions

The percentage offering full Free Entry
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Rated 4.60 out of 5 for the following venues
  • The British Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Tate Modern
  • Windsor Great Park
  • Southbank Centre
  • The National Gallery
  • V&A South Kensington
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Science Museum
  • Royal Museums Greenwich
  • Queen's House Greenwich
  • Borough Market, Southwark
  • British Library
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • Royal Academy of Arts

Inbound Tourism to the UK

The UK is on course to reach record numbers of inbound tourists, with recent year highs seeing international visitor levels reach over 40 million, with an estimated £28 billion generated in spending. The top countries for inbound tourism to London include the United States, France, Germany and Spain. So, whether you are interested in history, culture or the arts, there is something in the UK's capital for everyone to enjoy.

London - the UK's visitor hub

Holiday4's research finds that London remains the entertainment hub for international and domestic visitors, with iconic attractions such as the British Museum, the Tower of London and the National Gallery continuing to attract the lion's share of tourists. Top Tip: When travelling between sightseeing venues, check out the Holiday4 London Public Transport guide to help navigate the city cheaply and safely.

Attraction Ticket Costs

Entry costs associated with visiting London's top attractions remain high, especially when factoring in transport costs between venues. Typically, a 4-day mini-break to London can run into £100's for sightseeing costs alone. If you’re planning on doing lots of sightseeing, check out the London attraction ticket-buying guide for tips and advice on how to get the best ticket deals.

Holiday4's Top 12 (free-entry) tourist attractions

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Ideas to help you experience the real London - for Free

Every time I visit London, I'm 'on the lookout' for free and authentic experiences that our readers will enjoy.

I think our list of free-to-enter attractions will help visitors plan a more comprehensive sightseeing experience. I also hope our readers leave the city with a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for one of Europe's truly great culture-rich capitals.


The following free experiences offer a glimpse into the rich culture, history and diversity of London, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the fabric of the city - without spending too much money.

Also, look out for free cultural festivals, events, and celebrations happening throughout the year. From street parades and food festivals to art exhibitions and live performances, there's always something 'free and exciting' going on in the city, see list below:

  • Street Markets: Immerse yourself in London's bustling market scene, where you can browse stalls selling everything from vintage clothing and handmade crafts to fresh produce and international street food. Popular markets include Camden Market, Borough Market, and Portobello Road Market.
  • Street Performances: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of London's streets with impromptu performances by musicians, dancers, and other artists. Head to popular spots like Covent Garden, Southbank, or Leicester Square to catch live entertainment from talented performers.
  • Parks and Gardens: London is home to numerous beautiful parks and gardens where you can relax, people-watch, or enjoy a picnic. Visit Hyde Park, Regent's Park, or Hampstead Heath for expansive green spaces, stunning landscapes, and recreational activities.
  • Historical Walking Tours: Join free guided walking tours led by volunteers or local experts, focusing on specific themes like London's Roman history, literary heritage, or architectural landmarks, providing fascinating insights into the city's past and present.
  • Free Concerts and Performances: Attend free concerts, recitals, and performances at venues like St. Martin-in-the-Fields, where you can enjoy classical music, choral performances, and more in a historic setting.
  • Parks and Gardens: London is home to numerous beautiful parks and gardens where you can relax, people-watch, or enjoy a picnic. Visit Hyde Park, Regent's Park, or Hampstead Heath for expansive green spaces, stunning landscapes, and recreational activities.
  • Free Talks and Workshops: Attend free talks, workshops, and lectures hosted by cultural institutions, universities, and community organizations across London. Topics range from art and literature to science and current affairs, providing engaging and educational experiences for visitors.
  • River Thames Walks: Enjoy scenic walks along the River Thames, offering picturesque views of London's skyline and waterfront landmarks. Stroll along the South Bank or walk across iconic bridges like Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge for unforgettable vistas of the city.
  • Street Food Markets: Sample a diverse array of global cuisines at street food markets like Southbank Centre Food Market or Camden Market, where you can enjoy delicious eats from around the world without breaking the bank.
  • Community Festivals and Celebrations: Experience the vibrant multiculturalism of London at free community festivals and celebrations, such as Notting Hill Carnival, Diwali on the Square, or Chinese New Year festivities, featuring music, dance, food, and cultural activities from around the world.
  • Street Art Tours: Embark on a self-guided street art tour through neighbourhoods like Shoreditch and Camden, where you can admire vibrant murals, graffiti, and urban art by local and international artists.

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