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  • Skyscanner helps find your ideal car hire package. You are then transferred to the rental company or supplier to complete your reservation.
  • Starting is easy - choose your "pick-up location" dates and times, then select the deal that suits you best.
  • For some rental locations, you may have the option to search for deals that include self-service pick-up. Alternatively, you may choose a "Meet and Greet" service (subject to availability). Meet and Greet means the supplier delivers the vehicle to a specific location for you, or a representative of the supplier will pick you up at a specified location and take you to the vehicle.
  • You have options to filter the displayed results to your specific needs. You can filter by Car Class, Number of Seats, Fuel Policy, Car Type, Supplier, Low Emissions Vehicles, and many more.
  • Remember, the final price you pay for your rental vehicle will often work out more than the displayed price shown on the search results, see "What's Included" below for further details.
  • You can also choose to drop off your vehicle at a different location for an additional charge - for example, pick up downtown or in your holiday resort and drop back off at the airport.
How to use Skyscanner?
Skyscanner is a convenient platform that scans numerous local, regional and international car rental providers. It allows you to compare car types and sizes, plus rental rates and associated charges in one convenient place.
Starting your search: Navigate to Skyscanner's car hire search pages. Enter your 'pick-up location' dates and times, you'll see a list of car hire options to choose from, including vehicle description, make and model and vehicle size related to the number of passengers and bags. You'll also find a standard vehicle features list, such as manual or automatic transmission, air con etc.
Complete your booking: Once you've found a car that meets your requirements, simply click on "View deals" to see a list of car rental companies and prices. From there, you can select your preferred provider, and you will then be directed to their website to complete your booking.

What's included?
What's included in the price: The prices displayed during your initial search should include the rental cost plus an estimate of all mandatory taxes and charges. However, we recommend that you always check all prices, terms, and conditions on the rental company's website before booking. The final price you pay for your car hire may vary due to additional charges and optional extras offered by the rental company.
Additional charges: Remember, the final price you pay for your rental vehicle may often work out more than the initial price shown on the search display. Frequent additional charges and optional extras include a young driver surcharge, one-way rental surcharge, CDW (collision damage waiver), fair fuel policy, theft protection, third-party insurance, cancellation policy, optional extras include baby or child seats and sat nav (if not included) - plus possible other charges not listed here.

Best time to book Carhire
Book your car hire as early as possible: Booking early often provides more vehicle choices, which may mean lower prices, especially during peak travel seasons. Avoid last-minute booking; prices tend to increase as the holiday season approaches. Keep an eye on car rental prices and use comparison websites and price tracking tools to monitor any fluctuations in price.
Check for discounts and promotional codes: Bundle with Other Travel Services; some travel booking websites offer discounts for bundling car hire with flights and accommodations. Check Rental Policies: Before confirming your booking, read the rental policies, including cancellation fees and additional charges. Some car rental companies offer flexible booking policies allowing you to modify or cancel without penalties.
Consider Local Companies: In addition to major car rental chains, consider local or regional car rental companies. They may offer competitive rates and a personalized service, especially in popular holiday destinations.


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